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T A X I  V I T A

051 410 800

All services can be arranged from 00 to 24, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Price for the first 5 kilometers: 30 kn
Every next kilometer: 7kn

We were created in 2010 in order to provide higher quality and better services in the city of Rijeka. Many years of experience guarantee the quality of transport and the level of service you need.

Taxi Vita offers fast and safe transport to and from all airports and ferry ports and railway and bus stations and the like. For further information and offers please contact us via the online form, by e-mail or by telephone. Let Taxi Vita is and your choice on your travels as well as the local taxi transport.

All our drivers do their job professionally and have all the necessary licenses for taxi transport of passengers

Contact us with confidence and to all your queries as soon as possible.

  Order a car and enjoy the ride!

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